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 ~*~The Generals Ironman Tourney Rules~*~

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PostSubject: ~*~The Generals Ironman Tourney Rules~*~   Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:57 pm

The Ironman Tourney rules:

- we all lvl together until lvl 9
- we only use selfound items ( or from charsi, akara etc ... ), it's totaly forbiden to mule items
- psycho-hammer assas are banned
- No hacks such as: Tmc, tele hack, chicken, flash, et cetera.
- NO Prayer
- NO poison javas
- NO Smite

-Maybe there will be add something by me / stiev / or you if you think there is something missing

The Ironman Contest will be hold in Europe Hc Ladder. Wink


BelgianGus wrote:
nice ^^
i like sperme & sodomie

The-Doomed-Samourai wrote:
ŕ coté de paris, c'est un exilé, car strong dictature en suisse

BenediktXVI wrote:
devine le roi
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~*~The Generals Ironman Tourney Rules~*~
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