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 About ranks ( read this if you want a rank upg !! )

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PostSubject: About ranks ( read this if you want a rank upg !! )   Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:45 am

Firstly I made a new rank for the gfx designers. ( Dream Designers )

Secondly from now on i've decided to upg the ranks of the members who DESERVE it and not for the members who can PAY it. ( guild donations also count ofc, but they don't do all )

That means I will see who is active in the guild forum, who makes different things like F.A.Q, helps other guild members, organises events etc ...

So be active if you want an higher rank and don't pm me about me about this ! Wink

_/ \ This ranking system can also work in the opposite way, that means you can be lower ranked due to your inactivity !

Note : You can't have your rank upg'ed if you are a " Nightmare ".
To have your rank upg'ed you have to pay the entry fee ( 100 fg ).

Good luck all. Smile


BelgianGus wrote:
nice ^^
i like sperme & sodomie
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About ranks ( read this if you want a rank upg !! )
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