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 +++reviving Age of Empires II+++

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PostSubject: +++reviving Age of Empires II+++   Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:15 am

Every1 who wants to play the game as well can pm me or fiz (Darkoz), we got the zip-data of the original game in english version, AoE II + The Conquerors.

Fiz and me will have a match in some days, after he trained a bit Smile
( he needs some train else i will assrape him though i didnt do any train Smile )

It would be great if we'd find some other guys who'd like to play it too and participate Smile
we could even make it as a guild event


BelgianGus wrote:
nice ^^
i like sperme & sodomie

The-Doomed-Samourai wrote:
ŕ coté de paris, c'est un exilé, car strong dictature en suisse

BenediktXVI wrote:
devine le roi
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+++reviving Age of Empires II+++
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