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 Bahagon (free Mmorpg)

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Bahagon (free Mmorpg) Empty
PostSubject: Bahagon (free Mmorpg)   Bahagon (free Mmorpg) EmptyFri Dec 28, 2007 1:08 pm

Did someone play to this game or know it ?

First of all : You have to know french language to play (you will don't understand anything if you don't speak fr)

I posted this topic cuz I find this game funny ( be carefull, it's just a "past time" you can play ~1h/day, after it's boring)

It look like age of empire online, but for exemple, to build an building, you need ~1day - 6 days (irl) -> it's why you can only creat 1building and recrut some creature per day, that it is boring if you play to munch

tell me if you are interessed by this game, and wanna start to play, Mat and me will explain rules to you by msn. =)

Bahagon (free Mmorpg) 2001977914515751921_rs
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Bahagon (free Mmorpg)
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